About Me


I’m a front-end software engineer with a passion for design, data visualization, and interactive experiences that educate and inspire. I’m currently working at McKinsey, where I produce interactive data visualizations and explainers for readers at McKinsey.com. Previously, I was a front-end engineer and graphics reporter at the Wall Street Journal. I graduated with a master’s degree in information design and data visualization from Northeastern University in Boston.

What I can do

I consider myself a front-end engineer first and foremost. Most of my work utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Frameworks that I like include React (with hooks), Svelte, D3, and Webpack. I use Node.js for scripting purposes and have built back-end APIs with Express.js and lately, GraphQL. I use R for data analysis. Finally, I also love writing, journalism, and narrative storytelling.

I’m also a firm believer in the power of words.

A job that would be a good fit

I really like front-end engineering - I’m most comfortable in code, but I also love to talk design, UX, and story. I use React (with hooks) a ton, and can contribute right away in jobs with that stack. I have some experience with JavaScript back-end, and would like to get more, especially with GraphQL. Finally, I’m looking to learn and grow in a team. In terms of engineering experience, I’m on the border between mid-level and senior: I can do most things on my own already, but would benefit from more structure. I am looking for teams that promote collaboration, scoping, and realistic deadlines. And kindness. ☺️

Contact me

You can reach me at dspector -at- protonmail -dot- com.

What I’m Doing Now

Updated 9-21-21

  • Did you know that you can freeze smoothies and then eat them later? That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.