Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

Investigating individual purpose archetypes and values.

I worked with a fantastic team at the McKinsey Quarterly (a McKinsey business publication) investigating life purpose in the workplace. The idea was to expand on McKinsey research about individual purpose in times of crisis, and present a slick interactive graphic explaining groupings of purpose that were investigated in the literature.

I liked the attention to detail in this project, both in the design process and ensuring the research was presently accurately and succinctly. The final graphic has a “choose your own adventure” vibe. I like that there are many different outcomes on this user journey, while the navigation remains accessible throughout. When a graphic requires a lot of clicking, hovering, and toggling, it could be easy to fall into a UX pit. I was really fortunate to work alongside a team that made sure this piece of tech was not only good at disseminating information, but also easy to use. In a world where data is everywhere and understanding is hard to come by, I think this project did some good for the research behind it.